Can this man be liable if he causes a car to crash?

Can this man be liable if he causes a car to crash?

My sister was driving down the road when a car came out of a parking lot into the street infront of her cause her to slam on her brakes and swerve left, where she ended up hitting a parked truck. This man then claimed my sister was driving bad and that it was her fault. Though he was trying to leave after it happened and then thanked her for not hitting his car. I got the name and number of a witness that saw the whole thing and is willing to say that he knows it wasn'-t her fault. So my question is, can we know sue him in civil court or what can we do to handle this? I'-m in Texas btw.


Your sister needs to file a police report. She should have called them while still at the scene. What has she done about notifying the owner of the vehicle she hit? It sounds like the driver that came out of the parking lot would be at fault. This should be handled through the police. She should contact her insurance agent and let them handle the repairs to both her vehicle and the one she hit. Then, based on the police report and the witness statement, they can pursue the other driver.If your sister fails to report this to the police, she could be found at fault for the damage to the other vehicle and face charges for fleeing the scene of an accident.


If your sister has car insurance she needs to call them. They will fix her truck and the one she hit if she has the right coverage and then the insurance company will figure out who insured the bad driver who caused the wreck and who insured him and they will get their money back from him. If she does not have insurance to pay for her own property damage, she can make a claim against the other (bad driver's) insurance company directly and she should be able to avoid paying any deductible she may have on her own auto policyIf what you are asking about is whether your sister can sue for any personal injuries she sustained in the accident, in most states yes she can (I practice in florida where the answer is yes, but don't know about texas) but in most of those cases you would either try to negotiate w/ his insurance company for your damages or hire a lawyer to do it for you though they will take 30=40% of the recovery as their fee. Hope that helpsSource(s):i am a lawyer in FL



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