Can there be two different auto insurances on the same car?

Can there be two different auto insurances on the same car?

Im a new driver, im 17 and im in the state of illinois. I dont have a license yet, just a permit. My parents only have one car and i cannot afford my own at this time. My parents have allstate and their rates are too high for me. So i contacted another insurance agency and their rates for liability were lower. So, can one car be insured with two different insurances?


I work insurance claims and have seen instances when a car is dual insured, if there is a claim then it MUST be reported to both insurance companies and both companies will split the cost of the claim and if you're at fault,then the rates will go up on both policies.Why aren't your parents working with you on this? Why don't you guys go to an insurance broker who can find the most affordable insurance for your family needs? Your family may need to switch from Allstate to something else. You could help with the rates. If you drive your parents car you would be simpley added to the policy, you would not be charged a separate premium but the premium of the household would go up because of an additional driver, especially because your a new driver. So , for example , if your parents insurance was $90 a month, but you are added and it is now $120 a month, just pay your parents $30 to make up for the difference. That would be the most affordable way to go.




yes there can be



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