Can teachers get auto insurance discounts? What is the best provider to go with?

Can teachers get auto insurance discounts? What is the best provider to go with?

I have Geico right now and pay over 1000 dollars a year. I looked online at the Teacher'-s Insurance Plan and my quote was just over 400 per year. Has anyone heard of this provider, or do you use another?


Teacher's Insurance Plan is an agency, or a plan, NOT an insurance company.Check to see that the coverage matches, apples to apples, for the same policy term. That's a HUGE discount - I think something is off.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


There are a few companies that market directly to teaches: Do a search for Horace Mann Ins. Other companies offer discounts to teachers.Your quote sounds good, but I'd still recommend you shop around a bit. An independent agent in your area should be able to quote you through several solid companies.Good luck.Source(s):


Go to an independent insurance agent and see what they can offer - but make sure you're comparing the same coverage.


I know Farmers offers a 5% discount in my state for teachers.…Source(s):Insurance Agent


Call a local independent agent in your area and ask if they have Mercury Insurance. Mercury offers a HUGE discount for educators and scientists.You can normally find an independent agent by looking for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos.Good luck and I hope this helps!Source(s):Insurance agent for 25+ years


i know Farmers Insurance gives a discount for teachersSource(s):agent



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