Can someone please explain auto insurance to me?

Can someone please explain auto insurance to me?

I have one condo with an 89,000 mortgage. I just bought a 2010 corolla worth about 17,000. I want to cover the basics, but don'-t want to pay too much. I'-m a safe driver, never had a ticket and was only in one accident 7 years ago that wasn'-t my fault. What coverage do I need?What is all the uninsured/under insured stuff? If I get in an accident, regardless of fault, won'-t they pay for my car if I have collision?


Since you own a home I'd recommend the following limits...Liability 100,000 per person/300,000 per accident (medical bills and other costs including lawsuit defense)Property damage 100,000 (covers you when you hit someones car)Comprehensive 500 deductible (fire, theft, vandalism, glass)Collision 500 deductible (damage to your car regardless of fault)Uninsured/Under insured motorist 100,000 minimum (this is required in many states)Unless you live in MA you can shop around.I recommend State Farm, Geico, and Allstate. Get quotes from all 3.


Usually under-insured is a worthwhile $40-$50 add-on annual. So many drivers don't have insurance and the under-insured covers that. If it is your fault, no. You will pay. Some localities tho' have no-fault. Each party is responsible for their own damage.I don't like collision insurance because of the deductible. Even glass breakage will have a $100+ deductable and that replaces nothing. Body damage will usually be $500 deductible (for financing purposes requirements, anyway). Collision only helps in worse case scenarios. From your description, sounds like the corolla is paid up.You should be eligible for the best rate provided you have covered parking for your corolla. Tickets only hamper you in the last 2 years. Go with standard liability with the under-insured option.


Depends what state you live in and your age and how long you have been driving. Who every holds the lien on your car ( whoever you got your car loan from) will usually make you have top insurance. PLUS, if you don't and you cause an accident, you could be sued for your personal property (condo). It's wise to get full coverage.


1 talk to insurance agent2 if you have a loan [and even if not] get collusion,,,… motorist coverage..[ if a uninsured idiot hits you ,your covered3 insurance is priced by many ratingwhere you liveyour historywho lives with you [and there driving history]


The best company doesn't cover condos or houses unless you are renting. They used to but now they spend their time insuring large ships.They will still insure your car cheaper than anyone I know of.Source(s)


I would like to suggest to try to get as much information as you could before making up your mind,herehttp://www.AutoInsuranceFree.infois a very resourceful one.


hmm. good questions. if you are in a no-fault state, your personal injury coverage pays for your injuries, loss of wages, and assistance (yes, all companies, not just the one advertising it) up to the limits of the policy. After that, if you were NOT at fault, the other guys' bodily injury liability will pay to the limit of that policy. Uninsured motorist is what I call "what I want the other guy to have in BI", and it picks up where PIP leaves off-again, only up to the limit specified on your policy.Comprehensive and collision coverages will pay for your car, less the deductible you have chosen, no matter who is at fault, and the company will 'subrogate' it to the other company if the other driver was at fault.all coverages are only paid up to the chosen limits- after that you're on your need broad form homeowner's coverage (and get water backup), with an IM to cover special ting such as your fancy car stero and the cd's. your auto coverage should include all liability, UM, comp and collision. You do not need and are not required to take towing, legal services coverage, accidental death, or hospitalization coverages.Source(s):25 years insurance agent



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