Can I get Iowa and Colorado insurance policies bundled?

Can I get Iowa and Colorado insurance policies bundled?

I am not happy with my current agent and would like to shop for new. I need 3 types of insurance: 1 - a home I own in another state (Iowa) that I currently rent out. 2 - renters insurance for my current residence (Colorado). 3 - auto insurance (Colorado). The agents I have contacted have an easy enough time with my auto and renters, but when it comes to including my home in another state, they say they can'-t help me. I'-d like one agent, one company. Any suggestions?


Ah, those are easy states!So what you want to do, is contact a LARGE carrier - Travelers comes immediately to mind - and ask them if they have any agents licensed in both Colorado and Iowa.Alternatively, you can call the insurance company that CURRENTLY writes your business, and ask them if they have any OTHER agents, currently licensed in both states, that can take over your account with a broker of record letter.MOST multi licensed agencies aren't going to write personal lines. I checked with the one I'm familiar with, and they aren't licensed in Iowa. Depending on where you live, it's likely that the agent won't be local to you, but you SHOULD be able to find one - maybe by asking the agents who cannot do it, if they know any larger brokerage in the area, that might be able to do it.



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