Can I get an auto insurance policy if i dont have an US driving licence but hold a valid DL from other country

Can I get an auto insurance policy if i dont have an US driving licence but hold a valid DL from other country

Hi,I have a valid DL from India. As per State rules i can drive upto 90 days on my Indian DL . Can i get an auto insurance if i purchase a car?


yes it is possible i have insurance through cheap insurance and i don't have a valid license


Typically, it will depend on WHERE you live NOW...but, you should be able to look around for a LOCAL independent agent to help you. Look for the PIA or Big I(Trusted Choice) logos and you should find qualified agents to help you.In Texas, we have a lot of foreign students that have foreign drivers license and/or International Drivers License and we have no problems.It may be a little more expensive due to the uncertainty (not being able to run a Motor Vehicle Report checking your driving history) but it is NOT that much higher.Good luck and I hope this helps!Source(s):Insurance agent for 25+ years


No you can't , first you have to get an american DL and then apply for insur!


Yes, you can get insurance with your Indian license. However, be prepared to show a driving record from your Indian insurance company. If you have no driving history, then you will be treated as a new driver and the rates will be higher.



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