Can I get an auto insurance policy for rental cars only?

Can I get an auto insurance policy for rental cars only?

I often rent cars and end up paying insurance. My credit card covers collision damage waiver (CDW) but not liability, which is required by law in states like California. Is there a policy I can get from an auto insurance company that will give me liability for a good price? I'-m tired of paying $10/day for something I never end up using.


I often rent cars and take the ins. Only once did I need it. I scraped a fender on a new Ford Taurus, with less than 1000 miles.I backed into a guard rail. Clearly my fault.I had to make out an accident report. That was the last I ever heard of it. They did not notify my employer or ins co.I just put the whole rental charge on my expense acount. My co said i could and should do this.


You may want to look at a named operator policy. This is an insurance policy for those who occasionally driver vehicles and do not own their own vehicles.


Yes, you can. A friend of mine has does not own a car but wanted rental car (traditional + Citycarshare) coverage. He was able to get it through USAA (military families), but my guess is that you would be able to get it from other companies as well. It was something like 100 bucks for the whole year.


I have yet to see a company that insures a person on a time to time basis. I have seen companies insure a person, but you would have to have a 6 month policy and keep it in force. Non-owners policies with MOST companies are reserved for SR-22 filings only. You could buy a beater car and insure that. That would carry over to a rental car as far at the liability goes. The only thing is, depending on how often you rent a car, if it is worth it to you to keep a 6 month policy that you will never use to save the 10/day


Nope, your auto insurance will cover you for all owned and unowned vehicles. If you don't have auto insurance (aka "no car") then you might try whom ever you have your renters/home owners insurance with. There may be a policy out there somewhere. As for the insurance the rental company's offer, its generally thought of as useless. It will cover only the rental car damage. Nothing else. However your auto insurance will cover the rental, you, passengers and others involved in the accident up to your insured limits. You will be responsible for the deductible. Rental insurance will also NOT cover you or offer legal assistance in case of litigation.


Insurance goes with vehicles, not drivers. If you rent, the rental company will have insurance on the vehicle they rent you.



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