Can I be covered under my parents' health insurance if I am under 26, a full time student, and married?

Can I be covered under my parents' health insurance if I am under 26, a full time student, and married?

I am in my early 20s, and a full time college student. My Mom gets great health insurance through her work, and my boyfriend and I want to get married. Can I still be covered under my Mom'-s insurance until I'-m out of school/26? Can I still be on my family'-s auto insurance plan, too?


You can be married and still stay on your parents health insurance but your boyfriend/husband will not be covered.Also, as of this past September student status is no longer an issue. Insurers are required to offer dependent coverage until the "children" reach age 26. The requirement to be a student, whether full time or part time, no longer applies. You don't have to be living at home. You don't even have to be a dependent.A possible issue is if you are employed. It is an issue only if your employer offers health insurance. If so you must go with the plan offered by your employer because you do not qualify to be on your parents policy under this circumstance.As for auto insurance you can continue to be listed as a driver as long as your parents are the owners of the car. But, if you own the car (it's registered in your name) you will have to get your own insurance upon marriage.Source(s):...


In the US, you can be covered on your parents medical insurance until your 26th birthday.- you don't have to be a full time student- it doesn't matter if you are married or not.- your parents DO have to allow you to be on the insurance.** This is part of the healthcare reform law (an actual law).The auto insurance is going to be based on the rules of that insurance policy.- there is no law that would require this.MY OPINION - if you are mature enough to get married, you are old enough to live like an adult. So it's time to get your own insurance. There is no way I would allow a married child to be on my health or auto insurance.


You dont have to be in college at all to take advantage of being covered by her insurance. You can be married also but your husband cannot be covered and if you have a child, it wont be covered either. Only you. The only condition is that if you get a job and your job offers a group health plan, you would be excluded from your mother's insurance.


Auto: yes as long as you live in the same householdhealth: according to the new government health laws yes you can


For car insurance, all regular operators of the vehicles covered, need to be listed on the policy. If you drive one of her cars, that needs to be you. If your boyfriend or husband drives, that needs to be him. Marital status and age are completely irrelevant - everyone who regularly drives one of her cars, even if they don't live with her, need to be listed on her car insurance policy.For health insurance, if mom wants to, she CAN keep you on her policy until you are 26, even after you are married. But your husband cannot be added, and your children cannot be added. Also, mom has to be willing to PAY for you, to be included on her policy, through her work. She might not want to do that.


Auto: no.Health: see here



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