Can Geico do this and if not how do I get this settled?

Can Geico do this and if not how do I get this settled?

I was recently in an Auto accident (lady started going and slammed her breaks on) and come to find out I am being denied by Geico. Here is the backstory.My wife has made every payment through credit card. She made a payment in Aug and couldnt remember if she paid off Sept as well. We never received a bill saying payment is due or something stating we were late on a payment and assumed she had made the payment for both months. Oct comes around and she pays off 6 months. Nothing was ever said that we were missing Sept payment and they never tried to collect for it. I get in an accident in Oct and have not heard back from Geico since. I called them today to find out whats going on and left a message to the person handling the claim. I get a call back while I am working and they leave a message telling me that my insurance was cancelled for not making a payment but was reactivated the day before the accident and that I am being denied.I was never informed that I missed a payment, never informed that they cancelled my insurance, and they reactivated my insurance the day before the accident so shouldnt I be covered since I had insurance anyway?


Put everything in writing, make copies of everything you get and when writing, put a CC to the insurance commissioner for the state you are in.Sounds like your in for some interesting times.Good luck.


OK, so, Geico is your insurance.You rearended someone.You filed a claim. They're telling you that your policy was cancelled for nonpayment.They reinstated your policy.Obviously, there's a WHOLE BUNCH of miscommunication going on between you and your wife. I promise you, Geico DID send notices in the mail about your missed payment and the cancellation - odds are, either you moved and didn't change the address, or wifey threw them away without telling you.Now, to REINSTATE the policy, someone would have had to sign a no loss letter! Fair enough. What was the EFFECTIVE DATE AND TIME of reinstatement? If it was reinstated effective the day BEFORE the accident, yes, there should be coverage. If it was reinstated effective AFTER the accident, no coverage.You will have a reinstatement notice in the mail, with the effective date and time of reinstatement. Really. They sent it. If you didn't get it, or wifey threw it out, call them, and they'll fax/mail another one.As long as the policy was actually reinstated PRIOR TO the accident - that the reinstatement date was PRIOR TO the accident, the accident should be covered. If they're still denying, they have to give you a reason, in writing, why they're denying the claim, and you can take that to your state insurance commisisoner with a complaint, and they'll make the accident be covered.The crucial question here, that you DON'T answer, is WHY are they denying coverage for the accident. They can't deny the claim, without telling you WHY they are denying it, and they're supposed to do it IN WRITING.


As long as your policy was reactivated it should be covered. As far as your billing keep in mind that most states do not require that the bill go certified mail so if you did not get your notification of cancellation it is not Geico's fault, they cannot guarantee the post office. Also you should keep in mind that if payment is made by a credit card some companies do not honor the payment for 24 hours. I would give them a call back and just ask your questions again. You may have had a misunderstanding as to when your policy was reinstated. You may have had the accident the day after reinstatement.



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