Can anyone recommend a home owner's insurance company that pays claims fairly when rebuilding home?

Can anyone recommend a home owner's insurance company that pays claims fairly when rebuilding home?

I have State Farm coverage on my home and auto. I filed a claim for hail damage and do not feel like I was treated fairly. All my other neighbors got new roofs, but they said my roof had nail damage and would not pay. I saw on the TV that State Farm and Allstate will go the extra mile to not pay fairly for a loss. I know there are better companies out there, just need some referrals.


my recommendation would be to seek out an independent insurance agent. They will be able to access a number of markets such as Hartford, Safeco and many others. This should remedy your issue. just make sure to have this conversation with your agent.Good luck!Source(s):10+ years in insurance


A local independent insurance agent is ALWAYS the way to go. Now no insurance company wants to pay out a loss. But the benefit of having an independent agent is extensive. They represent more than one company, they're local so you can actually go in and sit down with them and have any questions or concerns taken care of face-to-face, and they're only real concern is keeping you secure and happy. If you ever have a claim that is not resolved to your satisfaction, an independent agent would be there to assist you, shop your policy, and break anything down for you.Source(s):5 years property & casualty experience, former personal lines account exec. in New Orleans


This may not be directly answering your question, but I am in sure shock that you have "nail damage" to your roof since it takes NAILS to put a roof on. You may want to check into the denial of your claim a little more....and maybe have the Department of Insurance for your state check it out too!Something just don't sound right! the way, ERIE & Met Life are Great property and casualty companies to work with. See your INDEPENDENT agents instead of going direct.Source(s):P&C agent...28 yrs


depends on where you live. i agree that state farm and allstate SUCK!i am an independent agent and my best company is Erie Insurance. I have never had a complaint on them and they work for their clients not against them. See if they write in your state. If not contact an independent agent and get some quotes and get online and research the company they quote you with.Source(s):agent



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