Can anyone recommend a cheep and reliable car insurance in New Jersey?

Can anyone recommend a cheep and reliable car insurance in New Jersey?

Does premium payment depend on the area you live in. Would my car insurance be cheaper in Hudson or Bergen county? Any pointers ly and advice would be greatly appreciated.


insurance depends alot on location as well as driving history, drivers age, and type of car to insure. That is why it is hard to recommend a specific company, as the company that gives me the best rates may give you the worst rates.the best thing for you to do would be to get an online insurance quote at…This will compare all companies in your area and find you the company that offers you the best price for insurance.i hope that helps!


Before, I had Allstate, and it was really expensive for premium coverage for my car. but then my car broke so no real concern. But. I've been hearing that Geico is good in New Jersey now.. really inexpensive. The downside though is that their customer service/claims department is horrible. But much cheaper than all others in the area. As far as what county you list yourself to live in or which you go get insurance from, I really don't know if that would effect your premiums.


Yes, it does, but it's not going to matter much, New Jersey has the HIGHEST auto insurance rates in the whole USA.So there IS no "cheep" insurance. "Reliable" mostly depends on whether or not you bought the coverage you want to put a claim under.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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