Can an auto insurance company deny coverage for a person convicted of a non-driving related felony?

Can an auto insurance company deny coverage for a person convicted of a non-driving related felony?

Time has been served- now being told that obtaining auto insurance will be difficult. Need transportation to work and continue life in new direction - vicious circle. What, if any, companies might be best to check?


Yes they can - at least in most states. I don't have any specific directions to point you in, I just suggest trying a lot of different ones.One thing you could try is the online services that check multiple insurers for you. That should give you a clue, at least.Progressive, Esurance are the first two that come to mind.


They can, but you can just try another company. Insurance is about risk mitigation, and if they feel you are too big of a risk they can deny coverage. I would check with another company.


I don't know what idiot told you insurance companies do not take money from felons, if that were the case half the country would not have insurance. The only possible way an insurance company would know this information is if you tell them. If you had a problem somewhere else, either you mentioned it or someone close to you has a big mouth. Forget what you heard, if you need insurance then grab the phone book sit down and call as many local insurance agents as you can stand. (I can usually call 10 or 12 of these thief's. Make notes who has the best rates. If you have not had insurance recently that's ok so have many others just say no to that question. You will automatically be a high risk for your first policy period. Some insurance companies will write a six month policy. If you get a six month policy you only have to pay higher rates for six months. If you get a 12 month policy, you will pay higher rates for 12 months.Once you receive a renewal notice after completing your first policy successfully ( pay on time, no tickets or accidents) your rates will come down. Its not a good idea to try to get insurance through online companies. And do not use web sites that promise multiple quotes. The reason is they will try to get all your key information name, address and phone and Email and compile mailing lists which they then sell to anyone who wants them. And of course you start getting spam in the email, unwanted phone calls and junk mail in the mail box. Calling an agent local to you is still the best way to get insurance. By law, insurance companies can only go back three years period. but some Ins. companies don't say three years so don't worry about it all they need to know is a driving history for three years, if you do not have three years worth just say you did not have a license then, they cannot check anyway. good luck never volunteer information answer only what they ask nothing more. Just do not try to buy firearms and it will be ok, stay out of trouble for 3 to 5 years and you can petition the court ti have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor.



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