Cheapest way to transport a car from Maryland to Texas?

Cheapest way to transport a car from Maryland to Texas?

What is the cheapest method to transport a car from Baltimore Maryland to Houston Texas? Are there any companies you would recommend? Should i choose a rail company or an auto transport company


Go to your local truck stop, and post an ad on their "Load board" Stating you need to move a car from Baltimore to Houston. If a flatbed driver sees your ad, he'd be willing to do it cheap if he's "Deadheading" back to Houston. You might also run an ad in your local paper, advertising for someone needing a ride to Houston. Ordinarily you would pay for all fuel, and help with meals. Make sure the person has full coverage insurance, and get a copy of his Certificate of Insurance.Provide him with your registration, but not the title. Make him sign a notarized release from all traffic violations.


The cheapest way is to find someone to drive it for you through an agency like Autodriveaway. After that comes small independent amateur or Gypsy transporters who travel around the country moving a few cars at a time on a small trailer behind a pickup. You need to search for them on your own. Then come the big professional transporters.Source(s):


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rail will be cheaper than truck


Drive it yourself,,,only gas and time will be your expenses


An auto transport company is the cheapest. It is more direct.Personally, I'd drive it there myself and fly back to 'Balmer'.It is interstate all the way.



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