Building a makeshift auto garage on the cheap?

Building a makeshift auto garage on the cheap?

I just purchased a 62 bug and I am trying to qualify for classic car insurance. One of the requirements is that I have a sealed off garage, which I dont have.... and I use to sell insurance so I know the rules of insurance fraud.However in the backyard I do have a gate that opens where I could build a makeshift garage.One side would be the brick wall, the front would be the gate, so I would only have to worry about 2 sides and a basic roof.Any suggestions on how this could be done for a few hundred dollars?


I guess it depends what your version of a few hundred is. A few can by definition be as many as 6, so $600 budget gives you some room. So you get your permit, which means inspections to pass. If your going for brick on the back, might as well build the whole thing with brick. It is cheap, you can add a large garage door to it and a roof without worrying about support issues.


check local laws, if what you end up making is considered a permanent attachment to the property it will need a permit and it will increase your taxes on the property as well.or you can buy a prefab unit for around $1500. installed and delivered. you might still have an increase in taxes over the property. it all depends if its considered a permanent fixture. AFAIKgl


You would need to check with the local laws regarding a building permit for such a structure first, then there are probably plans available online to help you



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