Auto Insurance!?

Auto Insurance!?

i Have MetLife auto insurance at the present time, and i have a payment every other month. They have been sending me monthly bills the same price as my Bi-monthy bill. I have been given the run-around in other ways from them as well. Any suggestions for Auto insurance providers, for I am thinking of switching!


progressive is the best


Allstate is a reliable insurance from what I heard and they offer accident forgiveness.


The quickest way to find a cheap insurer, instead of filling forms at Allstate, State Farm, Progressive and a dozen more, fill just one form at at and you will get quotes by all these insurers back so you are done in about ten minutes!


State Farm has been America's #1 insurer of autos since 1942. In fact, about one out of every five cars on the road is insured by State Farm.


Do a comparison of several insurance providers in your state. You may be surprised at the difference in quotes. Also, see about getting some discounts or even raising your deductible if you are trying to get cheaper rates.More tips at the link below. :-)Source(s):…



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