Auto Accident in San Diego California: How do I sue the person responsible in small claims court?

Auto Accident in San Diego California: How do I sue the person responsible in small claims court?

The responsible parties’ insurance company and I cannot reach agreement. I am looking for advice on taking the responsible party to small claims court in san diego.


Just hire a no win no fee solicitor. There are many who work on this basis. Just google and see you can find many such lawyers who can offer you a no win no fee service.… is a guide on how to settle the accident claims in simple steps…hope this helpsSource(s)


sometimes it happens that way, also be sure and sue the insurance company too. they are still part of this You need to contact the court clerk in the county where the accident happened they can give you the forms, also you can check online in the main courthouse for your county, look on the website for the forms section you may be able to download them from the internet, my understanding is its best to do four sets, so make copies of the forms, or what ever you need. I suggest that you use the sheriff to serve the papers for the supoana, otherwise things like certified mail can be refused, and if it is refused there will be no court date. So either pay the sheriff and then ask the court for you court costs or do it some other way that its legal. I like to use a guy with a gun, no one messes with a guy with a gun. and keep copies of all letters and start making notes in a log of dates and times you talk to them. In order to make it easy for the judge to see the way the insurance tried to wiggle out if you have a bunch of letters for example get a binder for the judge one for the insurance and one for the dipstick who hit you. organize seperate binders and make copies of all the letters and put them in all four binders so everyone can see what you are trying to prove to the judge, its up to you to prove the case so police reports, witnesses , what ever get copies, make multiple copies and have one in each binder so its organized and you can see the progression of how the insurance stuffed thier finger up their butt and did nothing. best of luck, once you win, you may have to go back to court and have the court drag dipstick into court and prove he is broke or not, its a pain, but dont get discouraged . If he owns any property, you can get judgments on his property, and he cannot sell it without paying you. also you can send him to collections, and if you notify the dmv that the accident was never paid for they can suspend his license until he starts making restitution, so keep digging and find out what you can and cannot do.


If you have your own (collision) insurance, simply use your insurance and if any "suing" is needed they will do it for you for free.If you have insurance, USE IT !


You just go to the clerk of court office in the county of residence of the defendant , fill out the papers , pay the fee for having the defendant served , then show up in court on trial day . In many counties there is a mediation day where the court tries to get you and the defendant to settle before the case goes in front of a judge . You need to have all your paper work together because small claims court goes strictly on what you can prove on paper .Good luck !


This website,, details a fool proof strategy for a claimant to quickly bypass the insurance company and get your car fixed right. I was fighting with GEICO for a month. I followed their advice and took them to small claims court and won. It only makes me angry that I wasted a month negotiating with such a crooked company as GEICO.Source(s):



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