Are their Collision Centers with monthly plains?

Are their Collision Centers with monthly plains?

bought a car in oct 08 worth 13k still, it is an 05 sat redline, got in to bad accident and having trouble with insurance co. some of the collision centers say it may be a total loss, or about 7k. if the insurance company denies claim, is their a way to get my car fixed with out pay all at once, or can i trade the car in as is, and get what ever its worth, (like to a salvage yard.)


Check the Yellow Pages and see if any of the ads for body shops mention payment plans. If the insurance doesn't come through, you may have to visit the friendly neighborhood loan company. You could trade it in "as is", but don't expect much.


You may get a shop to work with you, but they may keep the vehicle until all repairs are paid off. Salvage yard may be your best bet, unless you still owe the finance company.Source(s):Claims Adjuster 17yrs


Why would the insurance company deny your claim?Most auto collision repair shops are wary of payment plans because customers tend to stiff them on the repair costs. However, given today's economy, you might be able to find one willing to work with you.If you are currently financing a recently purchased vehicle, it is unlikely that you will be able to keep it if it is totaled. The insurance company will pay the fair market value to the legal owner (your lienholder), and you will be responsible for any balance unpaid.Cars are usually determined to be a total loss when the damages exceed 75% of the value of the car.If you car is determined to be repairable, the insurance company will write a check to your body shop less your deductible.I seriously doubt that any car dealer will take a "trade in" on a crashed car. And if your insurance company totals the car, they are the ones that will tow it away and sell it to a salvage yard.What exactly seems to be the problem with your insurance company?



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