Are friends and relatives covered under my California auto insurance plan?

Are friends and relatives covered under my California auto insurance plan?

Occasionally a friend or family member which is not in my household will drive my car but they are not insured under my car. Will my insurance company in California cover if such an accident happen?


There is no such thing as "NOT being insured under my car". People are not listed on policy's. In the USA, if you occasionally drive an insured car with the owners permission and have a valid drivers license, with very rare exceptions, you will be covered by whatever insurance that has been placed on that car.


Nope only you are covered since your the only one on the policy and no yours won't cover it theirs will if they have an accident


John is completely wrong here. As long as they are not listed as an excluded driver on your policy they should be fine.Source(s)


In missouri if you have full coverage or liability and your friend or family member ownes a vehicle and has insurance then they are covered in someone else's car. I don't know how it is in california but you should be able to call your insurance company and they will tell you what it requires for them to be covered.



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