Anyone used AAA for Life Insurance? Trying to decide between AAA and Farm Bureau?

Anyone used AAA for Life Insurance? Trying to decide between AAA and Farm Bureau?

Getting Term Life Insurance and my rate from AAA looks better than what i was quoted from my Farm Bureau agent. Any recommendations?


I wouldn't buy either, because neither is very competitive in the marketplace. We have a tool that we use that quotes ~150 different companies and those companies are never near the top. You need to go with a company that specializes in the product to get a good policy. If you buy through an insurance broker...instead of an agent of AAA or Farm Bureau then they can quote the gamut of policies and help you pick the best. That's how you buy insurance. People buy State Farm life insurance because they 'have a good name," but they WAY overpay for their life insurance because State Farm is good at car insurance...not life insurance. Buy from a good broker and feel free to use the tool we provide because it requires no personal information to use and it's there for purely informational purposes. Every consumer should check it out or one similar before they buy insurance.


Why are you buying based on BRAND name, rather than company strength and product? As long as all the insurance companies you're considering are rated A or better, by AM Best, it's perfectly fine to choose based on coverages and pricing.


Life insurance is NOT to be bought like a commodity- price is definitely the least important consideration, with the company not being far behind. Comparing quotes is a great way guaranty that you'll make a bad decision. AM Best may charge for financial ratings reports, but most companies publish their ratings, and most agents have access to comparative ratings. Feel free to email me and I'll give you ratings on whatever companies you're considering.You're speaking to AAA and Farm Bureau. While there may be nothing "wrong" with their life products, they are not financial planning companies, and are therefore not qualified to provide reliable advice on life insurance. The only reason you should be considering a casualty carrier for life insurance is to receive multiline discounts. Without such discounts, it is unlikely that these companies are offering competitive premiums on truly like coverage.Which leads to the next question. If you're receiving life insurance information from people who are not qualified to give it, how do you know you are even looking at the right type products? Life insurance should only be obtained from or under the direction of a qualified financial planner or advisor. If an "agent" doesn't specialized in comprehensive financial advice (and selling home or auto products is a good indication that he doesn't), he's the wrong guy to be asking about life insurance.Source(s):Financial planner, 11 years



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