Anyone ever heard of a car insurance company called The Electric Company?

Anyone ever heard of a car insurance company called The Electric Company?

I called them and got a really great quote on car insurance.Has anyone ever used this company and is it a good company to go with?


Another of the many braches of GE.Our Electric RootsIf you’re wondering how we got our name, you’re not alone. How does a company that sells auto, homeowners, condo, renters, umbrella, and special lines insurance end up with “Electric” in its name?Well, if you guessed it has something to do with one of the world’s largest and most respected companies, you’re correct. The Electric Insurance name comes from GE, as in General Electric, and that’s where our story begins.Back in 1927, our former parent company, EMLICO, was formed to provide GE with Workers’ Compensation insurance in Massachusetts. By the 1950’s, it was doing such a great job that it began providing coverage nationally for GE. At the same time, EMLICO expanded its product offering to include general liability and commercial auto.Source(s):



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