Am I allowed to go on vacation with some friends to canada at age seventeen using continental airlines?

Am I allowed to go on vacation with some friends to canada at age seventeen using continental airlines?

I'-m going with two friends who are both 18, and I turn 18 in two weeks, I'-m planning to fly with them to Toronto for a few days and then come back, was wondering if it is allowed? Basically will the airlines let me buy a ticket with no hassles?


Of course you are allowed! However, you will probably need a valid credit card to buy the ticket.This is from the Continental website:Children ages 15-17 traveling alone need one of the following:* Driver's License* Passport* Credit card* School ID* Company ID* Library card* Birth Certificate* Social Security card* Organization ID (such as athletic club, etc.)* Proof of auto insurance in passenger's nameSource(s)



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