Allstate vs Nationwide Insurance?

Allstate vs Nationwide Insurance?

I am looking at purchasing new auto and homeowners insurance. Both Nationwide and Allstate will be saving me money in my current situation with Farmers Insurance. I have final quotes from both Nationwide and Allstate and Nationwide is $350 a year less expensive. From what I have heard though, Nationwide'-s claims department is a big hassle and many times the adjuster does not provide enough money for the damage. I have heard better things about Allstate, but not sure if it is worth the $350 a year.Help is appreciated! Thanks.


When you get to the big companies: Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm -it's 6 of one and half dozen of another.You will find people with both companies that will say good things and bad things about each company.Nationwide is laying off people - but both Allstate and State Farm have done that.Which agent did you like best? Which agents office seemed most responsive to your needs? If the price is the same - having an agent you are comfortable with is another thing to consider.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years


heres a suggestion, try neither. call a local independent agent and get some quotes. most people tend to drift to big names companies, but some of the BEST companies are ones you may never have heard of. You want a company that has a "A" rating and good history of customer service and claims handling as well. I've had Allstate and will NEVER go back to them as my agent for them was terrible. I actually was rear ended not long ago by someone with Nationwide and my claim with them was handled very quickly and fairly, although it was a minor claim. So if you are dead set on one or the other, I would would go to Nationwide.Source(s):Agent


Let me put it to you this way. If someone gives me a $250,000 Porsche, it really isn't much of a gift if it doesn't run. Insurance premiums are really important until you have a claim. It is at that moment, not before, when you find out what kind of value you're paying for. Allstate obviously puts more money into claims than Nationwide (whom I happen to know is currently laying off personnel as we speak). If you can afford the extra, and have more faith in Allstate's claims dept., then go for it.


They are called "Allsnake" for a reason



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