ALBERTA 3 month or less auto insurance plans?

ALBERTA 3 month or less auto insurance plans?

I am an Australian currently based in Calgary. I just bought a car for work and have tried to get it insured, however all the brokers I have called will not do less than a 6 month plan and I will only be in Calgary for 90 days.I only want the bare minimum insurance to make it legal for me to drive on the roads. I believe this is the $200k liability/3rd party insurance.Does anyone know any brokers that do 3 month or month to month insurance plans like ICBC?Thank you


ICBC is the government auto insurer in British Columbia. Alberta has a private system, so you can only purchase auto insurance from private insurance companies. You cannot purchase auto insurance in B.C. for a vehicle registered in Alberta. The only things you can do is: a) keep shopping around to see if you can find an insurer who will insure for three months (unlikely)- b) purchase a six month policy and cancel it after 90 days. The insurer will be keeping about 60% of the premium (even though the policy will be in force for 50% of the time the insurer is allowed to calculate the earned premium on a short rate basis).


6 months would be the minimum, but if you no longer have a car at the end of 90 days and want to cancel your policy, you can do so. You might even get a partial refund of premium paid.



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