Advice for Travelling across America in an RV?

Advice for Travelling across America in an RV?

My Boyfriend and I are considering doing a tour of America in an RV some time in the coming years in an RV. We'-re travelling from England and we'-ve agreed we want to visit a friend in Ohio, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Orlando), New York City, Texas and Area 51. We were looking for some suggestions for other places to visit? Also, how much is it to rent an RV? Would it be cheaper to rent it in Britain or in America? How much would the trip cost approximately? and Also, do you have any suggestions on how to raise the cash? It'-s always been a passion of ours to do this and some advice and recommendations would be much appreciated :DMany thanks,Ruth


First questions, do you have a US drivers license and if you want a larger RV are you able to take classes and pay the fees to drive it? Are you over the age of 25 (most places will not rent to people below this age)? Do you know how to take care of an RV (i.e. dump sewage if needed)? Well this could all become rather pricey but I do not want to crush any hopes. It sounds like fun!Most companies rent is done by how many nights you need. Nightly rental rates vary throughout the year and by company etc. There will also be a tax in which ever state you rent and possibly insurance fees (because you do not have US auto insurance) and damage deposits. And since you are not from here you may want to pay for an "emergency kit" with them in case you break down or there is an accident.A "Hospitality kit" may also be worth it since you can not fly over all the supplies.Rates will depend on the type of RV you are looking for. I would say something similar to or smaller than a compact ... Class-C or Euro Cruiser, which can be $120/night to $176/night for a week and you will need more than a week considering the fact the locations you chose are all over the map :). So try to plan your vacation around the peak seasons such as summer and spring. As far as mileage fees go it can be over 32? for each mile traveled over the base amount given.Fuel consumption is another factor. If you have a Class-C then it will be around 7-10 miles per gallon highway. And gas prices here are $3-4 a gallon depending on location...not sure if they will go up or down by your trip. Your generator may also run on gas and will add to the cost.Other cost considerations are where you will be parking your RV. There are places all over where you can legally park free (wal-mart) but will have no amenities this is called boondocking, but you will need water / sewage or maybe even electric hook ups. It will depend on where you choose to stay but this can run from just $5-10 to $$$ if you stay in nicer parks. So, look ahead and find locations where you can stop for the best price.As far as places to go there are many free things to do and that is lucky because much of the budget will be in rent, hook-up location, food, toll roads etc. If you like nature then look into national parks. There are also weird road side places all over.Have a great trip! :)



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