Admiral car insurance payment has not been taken?

Admiral car insurance payment has not been taken?

It was due for auto renewal on saturday the 8th but I'-ve checked bank online and no payment has been taken. Usually when paying by debit card, the balance and total amount on bank statement is different due to the process of taking money out of account... but the balance and total amount are the same with no payment made.I have checked Askmid and it says that my car is insured. I don'-t unsterstand why they have not taken any money out on the 8th, like the letter said it would.I'-m also curious to know if they are going to take the amount of money out they promised over the phone as I had to change details to up the annual mileage. I have no email confirming the new price like they promised, which is a bit worrying.


your going to have to relax and wait until monday the 8 was a saturday not all banks were open and some only had a half a day take it easy and call monday and ask what is the big deal


Bank debits are only shown as happening on Work days. That is: Monday to Friday and no Bank Holidays. So your payment for the renewal premium of your insurance starting on Saturday will not show up in your account until the end of the next working day - which is today.The fine print in your agreement with the insurance company will probably say (in legal speak) that automatic payments will be shown as taken on the next working day after they're due.If you phone your bank's telephone help line after they open for business this morning they'll be able to check the instant state of your account. Otherwise you should wait until tomorrow and get a mini-statement from a cashpoint machine and the debit will show up on there.


Oh I bet is has, unless you've changed bank account since the last payment or there is not sufficient funds in the account to cover the withdrawal.Why bother checking with ASkmid as that takes a couple of days to update when one call to Admiral would have solved your problem (if there was one)


This is no problem. Call your Admiral rep and ask them to verify that your payment has been received, and I'll bet it has. And if not, it could just be a glitch or a standard delay in the computer network.I did this stuff for years, and it's not as simple as you'd think. When insurance payments are zapped electronically, it's not the insurer reaching into your account with their big iron claw and scooping the money out. That would be simple, but that's not how it works.It's more like the insurer offers you the contract, you approve it, so they get their bank to request a payment from your bank. Your bank receives the request, processes the payment, then waits for their bank to confirm that the payment has been received. Then their bank notifies them that the payment was made. Seriously, that's how it works. And I may have skipped a step or two! It's all done by automated software of course, but it still takes time.Also ask them to confirm the annual price, because they really should do that quickly. It's OK if they need time to verify their rating details, but the verification process shouldn't take longer than a few days.


The 8th was a Saturday - bank debits only happen on working days, so it won't show up on your statement until Monday.


Rather than ask a bunch of random strangers on the internet did it occur to you to phone them up and ask them what's going on?


They cannot do them on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays and do them on the first working day after.



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