Accidentally gave the wrong auto insurance info?

Accidentally gave the wrong auto insurance info?

I was in an auto accident a few days ago, but I made a big mistake on my part.I didn'-t get ANY information on the other person. Phone number, name, license, insurance (the most idiotic move). On top of that, when I was looking for my auto insurance information, I still had old information from Farmers Insurance, but couldn'-t find the current information. So assuming that I still had Farmers insurance, I gave the information from the latest paperwork that I could find. What I didn'-t know is that my parents had changed the insurance to metlife...I had already made a claim to my own provider, and I had already asked Farmers to give the other guy my ACTUAL information after they had called me.So...what might happen now???The other guy has all of my information. Phone number, address, etc etcSo


Check the police report, it should have all of his info on it.

I wouldn’t worry about it. That happens more often than you think due to people being shaken up at the scene of an accident. If the other person or other insurance carrier contacts you, explain what happened and give them the Metlife claim# and the adjuster handling it. The mix up will be eventually sorted out since the other person has all your info.



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