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Popular Q&A

Is it better to buy a vehicle from a dealer or a private seller?
There is a lot to buying a good car at a good price. Dealers will charge a lot more for the same car, and will try to take advantage of you. On the private seller side, you need to assure the title is clean, documentation is place, and if they have a loan, how it gets paid off without you putting...

Can this man be liable if he causes a car to crash?
If your sister has car insurance she needs to call them. They will fix her truck and the one she hit if she has the right coverage and then the insurance company will figure out who insured the bad driver who caused the wreck and who insured him and they will get their money back from him....

Does request of Auto insurance quote have any negative effect ?
Many insurance companies do pull credit scores, but it is considered a "soft hit". This means it doesn't pull through as an inquiry when you are trying to get a line of credit.If your credit is as good as you say, Allstate will actually be hard to beat. But shop away! You have nothing to lose...

How much would auto insurance cost for me per year?
The only good source of insurance rates I have found on the internet is HelpInsure,com, which lists several dozen insurance company rates (you plug in the data) Someone under 25, good driving record,good credit, etc will pay from 440$ to 5500$ a year for liability. Most are in the 1000-2000$...

Does daily commuter to Canada from US need buy separate Canadian Auto Insurance?
Yes. You are using your car for work, not as a tourist.You'll be filing for income tax twice, of course, in spite of your work visa.