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Popular Q&A

My wife broke her back and needs to fly from Indy to Kansas City, how can she do it for free or really cheap?
Angel Flight was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering. We strive to keep all aspects of the organization volunteer.Angel Flight is a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends.Angel Flight will arrange free air transportation for...

Insurance question? help urgently needed?
Every auto insurer in Ontario has rules about who they can insure and who they can't, and most standard insurers (aka the insurers with good rates) will not insure someone with two at-fault accidents in the last five years. So forget about Co-Operators as they will not take you back no matter...

Hit a deer, just body damage, cost estimate?
its what you can't see take it to a body shop for estimate and call your insurance agent he might recommend a shop but you do not have to take it to them for the work. you can go where ever you want but yea 3-5000 dollars in today's prices and the way cars are made nowadays is a realistic estimate

What is a good solution to health care cost?
All medical providers are required to post a single price list, by procedure, which shall apply to every patient without exception.Every insurer and third party payer including Medicare and MediCaid, may determine for itself the level of payment it will provide, with patient to pay any amount...

Bodily Injury on Auto Insurance--Exactly how does that work?
Insurance follows the car - not the driver. So insurance on the car comes first. If the coverage provided by your policy is not enough to handle the claim then his policy comes in next. It picks up where yours ran out.That means, your collision pays for the damage to your vehicle (less your...