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Popular Q&A

What auto insurance companies are currently appointing in Florida?
You will have to shop around as you do.Get a quote from insurers you get from yellow pages or from the web.

Auto insurance in bc?
You haven't said why you are having a hard time. Has ICBC said what the problem is?You are right, of course, ICBC is your ONLY vehicle insurance option in BC. Horrible is the word on them.I can only think to suggest talking to someone ELSE at ICBC --you may have just contacted a particular...

What company has the cheapest basic auto insurance for Atlanta Georgia drivers?
There isn't one. If you haggle they all try and beat one another for price, if you don't they sense it and try and charge you as much as you will pay, I kind of like it...I always pay less than my "bright" neighbor and drive faster cars.Suits me sir.Source(s):A the bb that's me!

What sort of insurance do I need to cover land / work liability?
You need a liability insurance policy. Sometimes they are called "umbrella" policies. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance or auto insurance, call your insurance agent and ask what $1M of umbrella liability insurance would cost. It's usually very inexpensive, maybe $100-$200 per...

How can you find out if a person have auto insurance coverage?
You should contact the police. Generally if there is an accident and a police report is involved, they will call the insurance company to verify it is an accurate policy number. If the police officer somehow wrote down the wrong number by accident, you can call the insurance company's claims...