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Popular Q&A

How can I help my father advertise and market his insurance agency?
Your father is right, because I also own an insurance agency and many of my customers had been leaving the agency to the internet until I started fighting back. In order to maintain/grow the agency it’s really pretty simple, you need to do two basic things: sell more policies and retain more...

What is the average auto insurance cost for young drivers?
It depends on the state you live in and the make and year of the car.

How long do you have in maryland to add a new auto to your insurance?
About 1/2 of a second after you sign the docs, give up your money and get the key. Please don't get in your new purchase until you get insurance. In most states it is against the law to drive without ins.

How long will i get suspended?
Not having the proper policy in place can end in legal penalties. Not being able to provide evidence of an active policy is considered a Class C misdemeanor which can result in a fine of up to $100, suspension of driving privileges and a STOP placed on a vehicle file if convicted.A STOP will...

Legal advice please, I really need some help?
Could you possibly just ask us whatever question you wanted to ask, without all those paragraphs of background details?What is it you wanted to know?