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Popular Q&A

When is a good time to try and refinance a vehicle?
USAA. its a bank just for military personnal. They have the lowest interest rates on everything. I have health insurance and auto insurance through them and one had a 2500 dollar loan with an interest rate of 2.4%. I needed to build my credit as well and being in the military is fairly easy...

If the mandatory auto insurance laws are causing an increase in food stamp nrs, should we repeal these laws?
That's just a cheap excuse. People have no business driving a car if they don't have a way to pay for property damage or injury they may cause to another person while driving it. Look at it this way. Say the mandatory auto insurance law is repealed and I get into a severe car crash with you...

Renters Insurance Policy Cancelled for making a claim within 60 days after the policy was issued in Georgia?
The letter you received should have a date telling you when the policy will cancel. If it does not say a date, then it's likely that they will non-renew the policy.Either way, the coverage was in force on the date of loss. The claim is not affected by the pending cancellation.EDIT: since your...

Can police in Texas know by definite that you're auto insured or not by checking your liscense plates?
yes, its a new law they passed...The vehicle insurance verification program (called TexasSure) came about when the Texas Legislature directed the Texas Departments of Insurance, Public Safety, Transportation, and Information Resources to develop a system to reduce the number of uninsured motorists...

Provide an information where to get a Defensive Driving Course in New York through online?
Hello Gramy,Good news is, recently New York DMV approved ONLINE courses in order to reduce points from driving record, if you have received a traffic ticket. Defensive Driving Course in New York is also called as "Point and Insurance Reduction (i-PIRP) Course."Visit first New York DMV approved...