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Popular Q&A

What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?
Any company that allows you to purchase without going through an agency. Progressive, Geico, etc. but not State Farm etc.

Do I need auto insurance before purchasing a used car?
Either you purchase used or new, every car needs insurance coverage. When you will purchase a car dealer will help you to buy insurance for your car or you can search online foe better insurance quote and compare them for best plus cheap.Source(s):

What effect will a speeding ticket have on my State Farm auto insurance premium in Indiana?
First of all, in Indiana they can't change your premium until your next renewal. So find out when that is and that will tell you when you might expect your first change. The only thing you can do is to pay the ticket and wait to see what actually happens.Like I say, your premium won't change...

What is Insurance sales like?
It should tell you volumes that they are all approaching you when you have no experience. Insurance can be very interesting because there are many ways to provide coverage for individuals and companies alike. My sister just tried her hand at direct sales for a captive company (meaning she could...