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Popular Q&A

What is the cheapest auto insurance for teens these days?
If you qualify, nobody beats State Farm for insuring teen drivers. If you can be added to your parents policy that would be best, so that you can get a multi-car discount and if their home is insured, a multi-line discount. Good grades and clean driving will drop the price, they also have this...

Renters Insurance Policy Cancelled for making a claim within 60 days after the policy was issued in Georgia?
The letter you received should have a date telling you when the policy will cancel. If it does not say a date, then it's likely that they will non-renew the policy.Either way, the coverage was in force on the date of loss. The claim is not affected by the pending cancellation.EDIT: since your...

Can I pay a AAA Auto Insurance bill online?
If you are insured with CSAA (Northern California) you can pay online. Log onto and log in to your account. On the right side of the screen is a link that says "make an insurance payment) and go from there.If you are insured with Auto Club of Southern California, I have no idea but...

Would an auto insurance company have a reason to ignore the fact of having an incorrect VIN Number?
The vin # is totaly critical its the cars ID , if it doesnt match an adjuster if he wanted to be a jerk , could argue that the vehicle wrecked and the insured vehicle are 2 seperate cars altogether, and insurance adj. are notorious for being -icks !

What are some inexpensive, yet reliable auto insurance companies?
try mercury, aig, or progressive...get a free online insurance quote here...http://www.autoinsurancepros.netSource(s):