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Popular Q&A

Why does my auto insurance keep going up?
To be honest with you, it's because they can. All the major insurance companies hold conferences to raise their prices. They take turns offering lower rates, while the rest of the companies go on charging more and more. And when a lot of people decide to switch to another company, they do it...

Is it illegal not to report a minor auto car accident to your insurance company in CA?
What transpires between you and your insurance company is none of government's business. Government cannot "force" you to use (or not use) the insurance.However, it *is* illegal to NOT report accidents with damage > $750 to the CA DMV, and may result in suspension of your license should the...

What should be done in Congress to force these insurance companies to pay claims?
Not really.Insurance is highly regulated - the most highly regulated industry there is. I've NEVER had a problem with a claim. Most of the people I've known, who HAVE had a problem with the claim, the problem is that they didn't buy the coverage and now they want it, OR, they tried pulling...

Auto Insurance in Chicago IL. HELP?
There are all sorts of insurers charging all different prices out there and the only way around it is to search around till you find what fits you best.Here's a good bunch of tips to avoid getting scammed when insurance buying over the net:…

Just bought 2nd used car (under my name) but boyfriend going to drive it most days. How auto insurance work?
Get quotes from different insurance companies with following options:1. Both of you on one policy. Add him to your current policy and get a quote.2. Both of you on different policies. You can still check your personal quote. I think AAA is expensive. (It doesn't matter you are a AAA member...