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Popular Q&A

Main things when buying a car on craigslist?
1. Is the car local where you can go see it, inspect it, and drive it? If not, don't do it. Any promises to ship you the car for free and "protect" your money with PayPal or eBay is a common SCAM. Read the warnings on Craigslist.2. If you decide you like the car, get a mechanic to check it...

Do I pay a down payment with the first month payment?
You should try to stay away from "down payments". It is safer and cheaper to pay up front for the longest term allowed. . one year is best, second best is for six months

I am borrowing a car for a road trip and I need to purchase trip insurance for her car.?
If they car is insured by your friend and they have insurance, then you don't need to purchase insurance. It only needs to be insured by one person. It will be covered no matter who is driving it.Else,You have to purchase a minimum insurance policy of a month. Best rates are on Geico i think...

Question about AAA auto insurance discount?
My experience with that discount is that once it was in place I was never asked again. We never changed insurance companies. My assumption is that you've proven yourself for the term of the policy. They can ask you any time to re-verify your grades but as my experience dictates - they rarely...