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Popular Q&A

Do I need to pay extra for full coverage when renting a car while I have CLD with my Visa?
the only ones that I know where they provide primary Collision/Loss Damage Waiver is American Express Platinum and Dinner Club. Other may offer it as secondary to your own insurance, but you will need to call your card company to see if they will pay out first- over your own auto insurance...

How long does lojack work for? and how much is it to install?
Depends on what level of LoJack that you purchase.If you just get the LoJack transponder (once called their System I or LoJack Retrieve or LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System), that's just the transponder that sits in the car and is only turned on (gives off its signal) when the police are...

I want to ship my car to Scottsdale Arizona from Bethesda Maryland?
You can either contact an auto transport company and have the car transported on a car carrier, or you can hire someone to drive it cross country. You would be looking at about $1250-$1750 for each trip on a car carrier.A couple of things you should know. The car transportation companies are...

Will I get a refund from the auto insurance broker?
You need to report your situation to your state board of insurance. Include all details even minor ones.There seems to be an inordinate amount of complaints about this organization. Either there is a misunderstanding on the price the quoted you your they flat lied to you. They are an insurance...

How does insurance work when you total a car?
On the standard policy, they'd pay the actual cash value, less your deductible.You can calculate that, going to Look, when I plug in a 2009 Lancer with roughly 20,000 miles, I come up with a value about $10,000. That's a significant difference in what you owe - not unusual, in...