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Popular Q&A

What are some cheap Auto Insurance Companies?
Find an agent that carries lots of different companies. They can usually find you something cheaper.

Why is Auto Insurance in Quebec cheaper? And how do I go abouts changing my insurance to Quebec?
Move to Quebec. Or you could get an address there and lie, but if you're caught your insurance might be null and void. Not worth it.

Auto insurance company that wants me to pay upfront?
Technically, all auto insurance liability policies indemnify a third party for losses sustained in accident.We don't know the specifics of your case to determine what exactly they are not covering or other details about whether this is an out-of-state claim or the such.Often, if their insured...

Can I report fraud to an auto insurance company?
It's not fraud. It's just a small misrepresentation on the application for insurance.The difference in premium between driving 7500 miles a year and 8000 miles a year is so small (if there is any at all) it's immaterial.Even if the person had a claim and the insurance company discovered the...

I need to buy GAP insurance because I'm refinancing. Where can I get it?
Progressive insurance offers it as and addition to your auto insurance policy, they call it "loan/lease payoff". If going with progressive is not an option, try calling your local INDEPENDANT agent, most independant agents are appoint with scottsdale insurance co. They sell GAP for $250-$350...