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Popular Q&A

How can I avoid my website e-mail to be sent to my members yahoo and hotmail spam and junk?
1Include plain text in your email. Emails that are entirely HTML or that include just images and links are a flag for spam, particularly if those links have become blacklisted at some point. Personal emails contain plain text, so including this text will tell spam filters that you are a real...

When renting a car on a vacation should one buy a collision damage waiver?
If you can, you should. You never know what could happen out there and you want all the legal protection you can get. Good luck and enjoy your trip.>>>

How much would auto insurance cost for me per year?
The only good source of insurance rates I have found on the internet is HelpInsure,com, which lists several dozen insurance company rates (you plug in the data) Someone under 25, good driving record,good credit, etc will pay from 440$ to 5500$ a year for liability. Most are in the 1000-2000$...

What are the pros and cons of Dallas vs. Houston?
Well lets start with crime...Dallas and Houston are above the national crime rates....sorry bout that. Dallas has a higher crime rate for alot of things except for murder which houston was higher.Houston is the largest city in Texas and has a million people more than dallas. However dallas...

Ontario Canada Auto Insurance Companies. Can you recommend one that is reasonably priced.?
My husband and I have been using Belairdirect.They're online, in Ontario, and have always been very helpful. They were the cheapest we found, and offer a $0 deductible, $1 million coverage. A few months ago, over winter, our rear windshield cracked and then blew up completely. They covered...