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Popular Q&A

How much will my car insurance go up?
14% increase for that /better off to pay it and go/all the lawyer will do is run up your expense/you didnt say but if its radar your cooked/Source(s):used car dlr nj

How is Progressive for auto insurance?
I've been with them for a few years now and have no complaints. The rates are lower and service has been good.Source(s):I'm an agent (at a different company!) and an auto insurance claims adjuster.

What are some options that Mortgage companys or banks gives you when you have trouble making mortgage notes?
You can always refinance at a interest only, and have a lower payment, until the time of when you sell your home. Just make sure you have a no- pre payment. The rate will be slighly higher, but well worth it, so you will not be paying 2-5 percent of the loan amount back to the lender.You...

Look what one hard inquiry did to my scores !?
Opening a deposit account a bank does NOT lower your score.Sorry, something else here hurt you.I am 100% sure of my answer.Are you carrying credit card balances?This is a fast way to cause damage to a score.For best credit, know that cards need to be paid in full each month.Also know that it...

Will my insurance company pay for the damages?
Yep, you keep asking the question. And no one here has read your policy.Call your agent and ask. There's a good chance they won't pay. There's a chance they will, but add him on since the date he was licensed, and you'll have to pay 5 years of extra charges (if he was licensed at 16).***yes...