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Popular Q&A

How long does lojack work for? and how much is it to install?
Depends on what level of LoJack that you purchase.If you just get the LoJack transponder (once called their System I or LoJack Retrieve or LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System), that's just the transponder that sits in the car and is only turned on (gives off its signal) when the police are...

Non-owner auto insurance provider in Canada?
The agency that rents you a car should be able to provide you with an insurance policy.If you want to buy an independant insurace, it will depend on where in canada you are. Some provinces have government insurance (British Columbia - I.C.B.C. for example) and some have private insurance (Alberta...

Pay Rate for Delivery Food Delivery in California?
First, Minimum Wage + tips is a good scale to start with. If you start getting requests for a specific driver that person my deserve a raise.Second, Car expenses are normally calculated on the number of miles driven. A number that will pay fuel costs and so forth for an average auto can be...

What would you concern before and after you obtaining an personal insurance policy?
What concerns me, is that you want to buy it "by the month". That's not how it's sold, and it will end up costing you a lot more.You probably need to sit down with a local agent, who can explain the policy and coverages, in everyday language.There's no way to 'concisely" explain a 40 page...

Do I need car insurance to drive into Canada?
The agent probably won't ask you to produce licence/insurance documentation but - yes, it's the law that you have Public Liability/Property Damage at a minimum.