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Popular Q&A

If my address to my home is a Kentucky address, can I get my car plated and registered in Tennessee?
I assume you are military. A military member, or a dependent who is living with them (spouse / child) can register their car either in their home state of record, or in the state where they are assigned.Living on a base that is in two states, you can register in either one. Register where it...

Car Insurance Is It Mandatory In Florida?
You are required to carry auto insurance in all 50 states. Some states simply require that you carry different coverages.In Florida you are required to purchase liability insurance (this pays for damages you cause another vehicle if you cause an accident) and you are also required to purchase...

There is no one company that will be cheapest for everyone. Your best bet is to do an online search for car insurance quotes and then get a few. You will pay a lot because off the DUI.

Ontario Canada Auto Insurance Companies. Can you recommend one that is reasonably priced.?
My husband and I have been using Belairdirect.They're online, in Ontario, and have always been very helpful. They were the cheapest we found, and offer a $0 deductible, $1 million coverage. A few months ago, over winter, our rear windshield cracked and then blew up completely. They covered...

Can you switch car insurance with a pending accident case?
While it won't affect the handling of your claim (the company who insured you on the date of loss is on the hook), make sure Geico is aware you have an open claim. If they are not aware and they write you a policy, they may void it during the underwriting review. I have had customers in the...