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Popular Q&A

Do you know that Progressive Insurance is a greedy deceptive insurance company?
You got some really great advice from the other posters.I sell auto insurance with Allied - which is in the Nationwide Group - and with Progressive. Unless you know a lot about insurance don't buy your own policy online. Yeah, you can "name your own price" but you'll pay dearly later if you...

Who has been on jury duty..5 simple questions!!!???please help asap?
1. I was excited at first, then I was worried I would have to go to Downtown Detroit and find parking, etc., but then I was happy again, as it was with the local district court, so I only had to travel a few miles from home.2. Yes, I was questioned. It was civil case so we were asked if we...

What's your experiences with Geico Auto Insurance?
My answer is going to be very long, but I'm really just trying to give you good advice and educate you. I'm an insurance agent.I've never had any personal experiences with Geico, but I work in the insurance industry and I just want to share with you what I've heard often. I can't substantiate...

Can you tell me what you think would be the best (price and coverage) auto insurance for me?
With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there's no answer to it... it all depends on your driving records, the state you live in and how long you are willing to search around... Why not ring that phone number you saw on that billboard or on the telly??

Just bought 2nd used car (under my name) but boyfriend going to drive it most days. How auto insurance work?
Get quotes from different insurance companies with following options:1. Both of you on one policy. Add him to your current policy and get a quote.2. Both of you on different policies. You can still check your personal quote. I think AAA is expensive. (It doesn't matter you are a AAA member...