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Popular Q&A

What is the best auto insurance for an adult driver?
you will find help here the form will bring back results from some of the top American Insurers, they'll be fighting for your business so chances are they'll be very cheap, hope it helps you, good luck.

Is there a software available that well allow prospects to quote auto,home,life,or disability on your website?
It depends on exactly who your planning on contracting with.Example: Hartford Life requires you to be appointed with them unless you can get a Monarch Contract with them and your Agency.Many of the insurance carriers will have their own quote engines, such as Aetna's is online, HumanaOne is...

Anyone know of a car insurance company that only asks if you've had an accident 3 years back instead of 5?
its the same all over/you have to call insurance company or better still is make an appointment to sit down with the agent/all those big companies do this crap and getting it down is left up to the owner of the policy to get after them/start getting a few estimates and then talk to your agentSource(s):used...

What are the top 3 AUTOMOBILE insurance companies in CANADA?
One problem is, how do you define "top"? Most premium volume? Most number of policies? Most claims paid? Fewest complaints?You're going to need to redefine "top", and then search out that criteria. You DID post to the USA board, so if you can lay your hands on a copy of Bests Review -...