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Popular Q&A

Is there a way to determine who your auto insurance carrier is based on tag or title information?
If it's YOUR car and YOUR tag, it will be on YOUR renewal registration, in most states.If she "apparently" has auto insurance, she needs to check who she's been PAYING for it.She can check her cancelled checks, she's most likely paying once a month, but at LEAST once a year.She can also go...

What is the best way to relocate from one state to another?
Not too hard but requires planning. SO, for auto insurance simply ask for a quote from your current company based on the city you want to live. If they require an address, find an address based on a location you MIGHT want to live. Housing is easy to find on-line and you will have to rent...

What auto insurance company has the best rates for teenagers?
The best thing for you to do is get a online insurance quote. Go to…This will compare all insurance companies in your area and give you the best rates. Be sure to state whether or not you have taken drivers ed, as this will reduce your rate

Drivers license suspended because my insurance company never sent in proof of coverage?
Since its taking them a while, Go into your local insurance agents office or call your agent again and ask them to fax or email an sr50 and a letter of experience to you. The letter will state that you've been continuously insured on your vehicle on company letterhead. After you've received...

What would the majority of Americans think about raising the age to get a driver's license to 21?
It would virtually collapse the economy. Those teenage drivers you complain about, spend quite a lot of money in just the gas they use. They also pay for auto insurance, the Taco Bell they are eating, etc. Do as some states, like Alabama and Georgia have, instead. If you aren't enrolled in...