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Popular Q&A

Why are there so few auto insurance companies in Massachusetts?
I remember many years ago (late '70s) when I was applying to M.I.T., the material they sent me said that MA had the highest rate of car theft in the nation. I don't know if that's still the case after more than 25 years, but if so, that could cause there to be few insurance companies there...

What auto insurance company has policy numbers like this.?
one thing a cop told me is you have to call a cop because its a felony if you drive off and they can come after you so its best to staySource(s):kaydid

My insurance agent told me if I am engaged and living together?
The agent did that to get you the better "married" rate. That is not 100% legal - sort of a grey area. I stay away from agents who operate in the grey area. If you have a claim will the company pay it since your policies are set up wrong? I would suggest getting a new policy. You may want...

What is the price to get a new license if you lose the card?
How to Apply for a Duplicate OnlineIf you apply online, there are several stipulations. You can only apply for three lost licenses per year- you must sign an affidavit of lost license- and you must live at the address shown on your license. Your license cannot be suspended or revoked, and the...

How much do you pay every six months for your Auto Insurance, If you live in Michigan?
You left out all the details which would be important to answer this question. Who do you have for insurance now? you will need to contact a LOCAL agent for your same current company and transfer your insurance to your new state. Please, please, do not do it online, or with any 800 number....