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Popular Q&A

What subject matter should I include in a demand letter for disclosure of policy limits?
Unless state law requires that disclosure - they are not going to tell you that information.However, each driver is required to carry a certain amount of insurance. Your adjuster can tell you what your state minimum limits are or you can find out from your states insurance department.In addition...

How much does auto insurance cost and what is the penalty for driving without it?
Three factors determine your insurance rates: the minimum coverage required in your state, the type of car, and your risk factor. As a general rule, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance. Your age and driving record are considered also.There are several on line insurance...

Does the recent unemployment numbers make Obama look better or worse?
really how much worse could it get, the clinton/gorelick housing bubble, then all those jobs overseas and still moving out, it had to stop at some point and sadly the democrats voted with the republicans on his second "jobs bill' as we now know of the $112 Billion earmarked for rebuilding the...

What auto insurance should I have for a car that stays in garage?
Since the car is parked, "technically", you don't need insurance. But,,,,,since you are trying to sell the car, then anyone who would be interested in buying, would want to test drive the car, so then you would need insurance.Insurance "follows" the car, so if someone were to test drive the...