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Popular Q&A

Do people railing against AZ IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT?
All Arizona is asking for is for our law enforcement to be given the right to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws.. Arizona is having great difficulty with battling illegal immigration. WE ARE NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION! WE ARE NOT RACIST! We just want the immigrants to come here legally. That’s...

Which companies in Phoenix Arizona rent car to travel to Rocky Point?
Actually you can rent a car and drive to Rocky Point. Budget allows this. There are strict rules you must abide by. Foremost is purchasing additional auto insurance for Mexican coverage. This is done at the U.S. rental car location only. You cannot buy Mexican insurance on U.S. rental...

What happends if i dont pay a speeding ticket from michigan and im from canada (ontario)?
Your most immediate problem would be with whatever company provides you auto insurance in Canada. One of the little-known ramifications of the NAFTA agreement is that US and Canadian authorities share information on these kinds of things. So, when it came time for your insurance company to...

Help finding a renters insurance company that meets my personal morals?
You have a mis-understanding what insurance and insurance companies are.1. no insurance company "gets rich" off an insurance claim. An insurance claim is when a policy holder has a loss and the insurance company PAYS out money.All insurance companies track the amount paid on claims. It's...

Should i have my g2 licence for sure to get my auto insurance?
With insurance your G1 is considered a learners permit. Obviously you know that you can only operate a vehicle with a fully licensed driver with you. A lot of online quoting systems are geared towards the norm so when you attempt to get a quote online and mention the G1 is it not configured...