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Popular Q&A

What kind of auto insurance should you get on a car that is paid off?
You need to get what's called "Comprehensive" insurance and also what's called "gap insurance" and that should cover it all.

What is tort to do with Auto. Insurance?
Ok, do you live in PA by any chance? Here's how it works. There is a premium difference, so that may be a factor in your decision. If you select Full tort (it costs more) that means if you have an accident and someone else is at fault and you are injured you can make a claim for your pain and...

Can insurance be called off even though a claim was reported? ?
We are talking about HER insurance. Yes, let them handle it. They will then subrogate, meaning come after you for whatever they paid on her behalf. This could include car rental, or possible "supplemental" charges from the body shop. They are likely in the best position to get the best...

What is the Florida Cost of Living like?
My husband and I moved to Lakeland from Metro Atlanta last year. For a house 100 sq ft larger on a lot 3/4 acres smaller we paid $80k more in Lakeland, so housing is higher here. Right now you might find a little better deal when we were looking construction on new homes was behind construction...

Auto Insurance and Car Alarm Discount?
Most companies do not have a discount for standard alarms, but do offer discounts for Lojack/Onstar type systems. This is because a standard alarm really is ignored in this day and age, and it doesn't change the risk in any way. However, a Lojack system can be used to help find the vehicle...