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Popular Q&A

Why is auto insurance allowed to be sexist?
Well, it's not, in every state - in states that don't allow gender to be used, women pay the same rates as men, even though MEN have more claims dollars paid out.Just like auto insurance is age sensitive - people under 20 are JUST going to pay higher rates, because there are more claims.It's...

Do auto insurance companies in Ohio get your license suspended if your insurance lapses?
I guess it’s best to get your answer from The BMV OHIO. It would be a good idea to call them and keep updating them about your status so that they know you’ve not been careless with your car insurance renewal. I don’t think you’ll be fined in that case.Source(s):http://hartfordauto.thehartford...

How can I obtain a copy of someone's Auto Insurance coverage if a person hit my car?
You can't. It's private information.But the adjuster has no reason to lie.You can always refuse the $10,000 and sue them in court. Of course, the policy STILL isn't going to pay more than the policy limit.Or you can ask your agent if you can accept the $10,000 without signing "settlement"...

How much do you pay every six months for your Auto Insurance, If you live in Michigan?
You left out all the details which would be important to answer this question. Who do you have for insurance now? you will need to contact a LOCAL agent for your same current company and transfer your insurance to your new state. Please, please, do not do it online, or with any 800 number....

How do you get the lowest auto insurance rates?
1) At least 5 years good driving record2) Good credit score the higher the better3) If a full time student grade average at a B or better (most companies require proof)4) Low mileage the less you drive the less risk you take but be aware going over your claimed mileage can effect your coverage...