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Popular Q&A

Why are insurance prices so drastically different between insurance companies?
You have to know what your state's minimus are and the breakdown of the quotes. I tried getting several quotes from insurance companies and they were trying to sell me things I said I did not want. But insurance companies do vary as much as 200% compared to other insurance companies.Insurance...

What is the Florida Cost of Living like?
My husband and I moved to Lakeland from Metro Atlanta last year. For a house 100 sq ft larger on a lot 3/4 acres smaller we paid $80k more in Lakeland, so housing is higher here. Right now you might find a little better deal when we were looking construction on new homes was behind construction...

What are some precautions I can take to get used to being more frugal with my money?
Pat yourself on the back for positive reinforcement whenever you save money by shopping wisely, and when you save money by resisting temptation. {For example, I still have resisted buying a digital TV, waiting until the price drops AND it costs more to maintain my old TV. My 2 vehicles are...

What is the average auto insurance cost for young drivers?
It depends on the state you live in and the make and year of the car.

Can Anyone tell what automobile insurance company issued this policy based o the policy number?
CA is usually short for "commercial auto", so odds are, it's a commercial auto policy.But it might not be.See, insurance companies set up their policy numbers all seperately. There's no standardization. Sure, it could be Progressive. It could be Hanover. No way to tell.